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Your mind has an uncanny ability to change everything in its environment--it is truly amazing...

Hypnosis and coaching (known as hypnotherapy) can manage pain, help you lose weight, achieve better health, and eliminate phobias. Through hypnotherapy, people achieve amazing goals, find true happiness and experience profound, lifelong joy.

Hypnotherapy is a profound and fascinating doorway into helping the mind heal itself. Being able to help others heal through a natural, drug-free, almost effortless way is a blessing that has changed millions of lives, including my own.

Nearly every aspect of life can be improved through hypnotherapy:
from weight loss, healing from trauma (in this life and past lives), addictions, and phobias, to the ongoing daily struggle in a multitasking society of lack of focus.

Hypnotherapy can even be the hidden machine behind profound personal and professional success. Imagine the changes that can take place in your own life if you knew that you were working without better left behind baggage
or those old mindsets.

In Balance Hypnotherapy is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, though clients around the world are helped by us through the power of Skype.

I am certified as a Counseling Hypnotherapist (Cand.) from the Orca Institute and am a member of the International Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists (IACH). 

Click here to explore how hypnotherapy can help you to alleviate your pain, help you shed your burdens and achieve your life’s true goals.

Office:          403-366-7463


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