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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Sessions        
Take a journey to the past where you may discover blocks that will set you free in the present. 
What can a past life session do for you. As much as you can imagine. We often carry with us fears, traumas, and alliances from other times.
With the removal of these blocks and the knowledge we gain many times we can move forward stronger and healthier into a better future.

Call me at 587-896-7463 and we can talk about what you may set out to discover. Email me at : 
 and we will begin your journey.

Please set aside 1-1 1/2 hours for the session. This will include our conversations in preparation and the time to travel your path.  Call for an in office appointment (Calgary) or we can set up a time for to work over the internet (skype) or phone. 

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