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Bring Your Life Into Balance


Take 5 mins to sit, rest, and relax, and refresh.   (The link is available in the classic format only. If you are on mobile please switch to classic to listen)

It is time to rest your mind. Sit back relax and just give yourself a gift of a few minutes of drifting.

Get comfortable, close your eyes, and relax for a few minutes.
Let your mind... wander... Take a break

Is stress taking over your life

Holidays the Good and the Bad 

These are the times that we look forward to; enjoying our family and sharing our lives with our friends. Parties  (for children, office, friends and neighbors) are wonderful to enjoy. They all have to be organized by someone. That organization can be overwhelming. If there were only little elves who would put it all together for us so we could just sit down and enjoy. How great that would be.
We could just throw in the towel...literally. Then we would miss out on all those wonderful opportunities to enjoy the season. 
Presents to be bought, dinners to be made, houses to be cleaned and decorated. Am I stressing you out? I think I am stressing me out!
It's time to make a plan
I'm not a fan of lists but it does not hurt to sit down and go over what needs to be accomplished, make a note on the calendar, and get organized sooner than later. 
Do you have to do it all yourself
Do you? Do you really? Do you really have to be the one to bake all the goodies?
You might be the greatest baker that your family has ever seen. Wonderful. Does baking relax you? Yes! This is what you need to do to reduce stress. Carry on. For those who like to bake but don't have time or for those who would love to have baking for their families yet haven't learned as many great baking recipes as they need; there are bakeries. Perhaps you make a mouth watering fruit cake but cookies aren't your forte and you don't want to buy them. Might I suggest a trade? Find someone who will trade cookies for cake. Even better than working out a trade with another family member or friend is to organize a gathering where everyone bakes together and you split the baking. It creates another wonderful holiday time with people you enjoy.
Now baking is only one example that I have chosen to highlight.

Organizing gatherings. You know this is never possible to do alone. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Gather your people. Everyone likes to help and loves to be appreciated. What if no one volunteers to help to get things done? Sigh. Designate.! Ask for help with simple things. Sometimes people do not have the time they feel you will need them to give. That is sad but once everything that has to be done is split up into smaller packages you may find that you can get some help.

Everyone is coming to visit you...isn't that great? Yes it is. So much fun. You will, of course have to plan, but there will be more hands to help. Make sure you make use of them, with a smile and a pat on the back. 

Short cuts
How fast can you get something done? Rush, rush, rush...Please don't do that. There is no way that you can have fun, be happy, and accomplish things if you are under pressure all the time. Colds, flu, anxiety attacks, and worse will take advantage when you push too hard and lower your immune system. Let me inject here that those who practice meditation can often deal with more stress in a relaxed way than those who do not. 
Are there any shorts cuts? The answer is yes and no. It is more a matter of determining how much you need to get done and eliminating the non essentials.
What if  you don't get everything done
Will you throw everything out the window and skip the day? Don't we wish sometimes. Perfection is not what we are striving for. Happiness, a good get together, laughter (you might choose to laugh about some of the things that were missed), and wonderful memories are what creates a successful time.

Checkout my Holiday deStress in the shopping cart at a reduced price for the season. Hypnosis is a concentrated form of meditation that will help you relax and deal with all the fuss this season. Just put on a set of headphones once a day and fall into relaxation. As a form of destressing I have dropped the price to $5 until after the holidays. 

All the love of the season from our family to yours.

Call Janet at 403-690-7463. (please leave a message. I can not always answer the phone as I would not answer the phone during your session). Or contact me by email and I will get back to you info@inbalancehypnotherapy.net

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