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Bring Your Life Into Balance

Service Fees

This is all about YOU! 

Because everyone’s areas of concern and places of opportunity vary, so does the hypnotherapy that you will receive.

With hypnotherapy, you will find it easier to:

   Reduce stress and anxiety

   Achieve health and fitness goals

   Manage or reduce pain  

   Set and accomplish goals

   Overcome phobias and fears

   Achieve weight loss or weight gain

   Experience past-life regression

Achieve BALANCE in your life

In general, we start with a half-hour session that will allow us to discuss your needs and wants. We take the time to get to know each other and make plans for your hypnotherapy counseling.

Hypnotherapy may be included in this first session depending on your wants and needs. Nothing ever happens without your permission and complete understanding of everything that we are doing.

A session is usally at least one hour long. The number of sessions you might need will depend on the depth of your concerns or opportunities. A lot can be done in only one session.

Each session is $150.00.

You receive a discount for purchasing multiple sessions at one time:

                        3 sessions - $400.00 (SAVE $50.00)

                        4 sessions - $500.00 (SAVE $100.00)

Quit Smoking Therapy – Stop smoking therapy will generally take between 4-6 sessions. Some of the sessions are the full hour; others are shorter as we do a “check up” on your progress.

Complete Quit Smoking Therapy is only $450.00!


Remember: This is all about you!

I may make recommendations, but

you will decide what is best for you.

Contact me today to schedule your first session.

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